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Pinckneyville Community Hospital Specialty & Outpatient Clinic is an outpatient service in which healthcare specialists provide diagnostic evaluation, treatment, and/or management of health conditions not generally part of family practice care.

Each week, medical specialists travel to Pinckneyville Community Hospital to help our patients get the specialized care they need, close to home. These specialists work closely with the patient's primary care provider and other health professionals to ensure continuity and appropriateness of care. Our specialty clinics include cardiology, eye surgery, neurology, rheumatology, oncology, OB/ GYN, gastroenterology, nephrology, podiatry, pulmonology, general surgery, ENT, orthopedic, and wound care.

Our specialty providers are non-employed contracted providers at Pinckneyville Community Hospital; therefore, you may receive a separate bill for their services.

Many of our outpatient physicians require a referral from the patients care provider. To refer a patient or schedule an appointment, please call the phone number listed on the calendar. All other inquiries may be directed to the Specialty Clinic at Pinckneyville Community Hospital at 357-5907.

Cardiopulmonary Services 357-5907

Cardic Stress Testing & Rehabilitation
Pulmonary Rehabilitation • EEG's & PFT's

Imaging 357-5909

MRI • PET Scan • CT Scan • Ultrasound
Nuclear Medicine • Digital Mammography
Bone Densitometry

Wellness Center ( formerly Southern Illinois Rehabilitation) 618-357-5935

Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy • Work Hardening
Fitness Center

Surgery Services 357-5920

Lesion Removal • Cataract Removal
Endoscopy • Colonscopy
Excision Ganglion Cyst • Ablation
Uterine Biopsy • Essure Placement
Sterilization • Hysteroscopy • D & C

Family Medical Center 357-2131

Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
Walk-In Clinic Sat. 8 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Senior Life Solutions 357-8811

Cancer Care & Infusion Clinic 357-5971

Laboratory 357-8808

Coumadin Clinic 357-5934

Dietician 357-5936

Telehealth 357-8850

Specialty Clinic Physicians

Raed Al-Dallow, M.D. 618-529-4455 Physician Info
Arslan Mirza, M.D. 618-529-4455 Physician Info

Sonaina Imtiaz, M.D. 618-357-5907 Physician Info

Eye Surgery
Maqbool Amhad, M.D. 618-993-5686 Physician Info
Bart Jones, M.D. 618-277-1130 Physician Info

Healthy Bones Clinic
Kali Moe, FNP 618-997-6800 Physician Info

Kevin Chen, M.D. 618-997-8412 Physician Info

Amar Sawar, M.D. 618-549-1727 Physician Info

JoAnn Dudley, M.D. 618-244-4800 Physician Info

Amjad Ali, M.D. 618-357-5971 Physician Info
Raymond Smith, MD 618-357-5971 Physician Info

Devin Haertling, PA-C 618-242-3778 Physician Info

Pain Management
Tennyson Lee, M.D. 618-357-2131 Physician Info

Douglas Basso, MD 618-236-7444 Physician Info
Mia Thouvenot, MD 618-236-7444 Physician Info
Daniel Thouvenot, MD 618-236-7444 Physician Info

Raymond Pineda, M.D. 618-997-5350 Physician Info

Amar Sawar, M.D. 618-549-1727 Physician Info

Sports Medicine
Devin Haertling, PA-C 618-242-3778 Physician Info

Wound Care
Wound Care Specialists 877-295-2273 Physician Info

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