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Old Hospital Memories

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During the June 5, meeting of the Pinckneyville Community Hospital Board of Directors, action was taken on two much anticipated projects.

The Board of Directors accepted a bid from Earth Services in Benton, IL, to begin demolition of the old hospital at 101 N. Walnut. Included in the demolition bid was asbestos abatement, which will be starting in July by KAM Services, a certified asbestos removal company.

"The plan is to abate and demo in sections," reports Randall Dauby, Pinckneyville Community Hospital Administrator/CEO. "This way once abatement is completed in a section, demolition can begin immediately following."

Demolition, which includes land remediation, should be completed in November.

"The hospital is not raising, nor ever considered raising property taxes in order to demolish the old hospital," states Dauby.

Funds for the demolition are coming from two sources: 1) a loan from the USDA; and 2) TIF funds collected by the City of Pinckneyville, which are not new taxes, but are funds collected from already existing tax funds which are specifically to be used for projects that improve areas of the City that are within the TIF zone such as the demolition of the old hospital.

Moving forward with this project could not come soon enough for Dauby, as there have been a number of break-ins at the old hospital, resulting in further damage to an already deteriorating building. "The community does not need another dilapidated building," says Dauby.

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Highlighted Memories

"FIRST MEMORY:I remember in December 1976 when my sister was born, my grandpa Rab parked his car on the south side of the hospital and sat me on the hood of his car to look up at the 2nd floor windows to see the baby and my mother. I was about 2 1/2 years old... I also remember getting several stitches in the ER in my younger days." - Tania Bigham

"My entire work history had been in that building, since 1982, until we moved into this fantastic new facility. Most of my fondest memories are of the residents, families and staff of the Skilled Care Unit. Many balloon lift-offs, picnics and petting zoos were held on the grounds around the building. I drove many miles with residents in the "wonder wagon" just viewing the countryside. One of the most shining moments was the Senior Prom late April 2005 in the cafeteria. It was magnificently captured in Christy Mathis's article in the Southern Illinoisan of which a copy now resides in this new facility activity room." - Michelle Headley

"As a nurse in the old hospital, I was blessed to watch and assist with new babies coming into the world, assist with surgeries alongside Dr Shanbhag, Dr Fozard, Dr Gene Stotlar (was not fortunate enough to know Dr Jim, his brother), and Dr Sawadisavi. There are others but these are the ones that come to my mind right now. Some are gone. Some retired. Thankfully Dr. Fozard is still with us! All wonderful teachers for this (at the time young nurse). My best(and worst) memories are the patients and families hands I held (and cried with) both on medical floor and skilled care (such a pitiful loss!) And in ER. Other names I associate with this building.. Director of nurses Bridgette Bigham and Mary Downen. They lived here too as much as my current boss Eva Hopp! Thankful for the friends I've made here along the way! (Too many to mention)." - Robbi Rieckenberg

"When I was little, my mom was allowed to bring me to work with her on call backs and on Saturdays. I would sit and play on a red typewriter. I also remember embarrassing my mom by telling Mr. Ranta that the food was so bad, a kid wouldn't even eat the hot dog." - Karen Carter

"My mother Sandy Hicks LPN worked in Skilled Care for years. I can remember as a child going to visit her at work. She remained friends with many people and would always go to Pinckneyville when she was sick and had to be admitted. It was also the old hospital where she took her last breath. It was how she would have wanted it. Many memories, lots of love, and tender care for mom every time, including the last." - Michelle Knapp

"My daughter, Holly Elizabeth Deal, was born there on September 25, 1972. A glorious day!" - Debbie Deal

"I delivered 3 of my 4 children in that hospital by our own Dr. Fozard. I now work for this hospital at family medical center 34 years later. Had the opportunity to be on the 2nd floor while working there and actually seen the delivery rooms that we were in. So many memories. But I do understand, we needed to go. And I absolutely love our new hospital." - Kim Martin

"I mostly remember the days of Mildred Kennedy. She was considered to be a mean woman but she was kind to me." - Elizabeth Wilson

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