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    Leading the Way to a Healthier Tomorrow

    Welcome to Pinckneyville Community Hospital

    Pinckneyville Community Hospital's vision is to provide convenient and equal access to quality healthcare close to home. Our community responsibility includes sponsoring community education events, networking with other healthcare service providers, and promoting accountability and teamwork to ensure our future viability and continued service to the community. Our competence is demonstrated through our funding of continued education and focus on continuous quality improvement that promotes knowledge, professionalism and quality care. Our integrity is shown through our respect for patient rights. Our culture encourages actions that go beyond delivery of care to making a difference for our patients, through caring and compassionate words and actions. Our service to humanity is demonstrated through our concern for the patient's continuum of care and ensuring that inability to pay is not a barrier to care. Through all these actions, the staff of Pinckneyville Community Hospital strives to put forth their personal and professional best to help lead patients to a healthier tomorrow. Pinckneyville Community Hospital provides assistance to promising students in healthcare related fields

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    Our professionals practice medicine, which is concerned with promoting, maintaining, or restoring human health

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